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Chippewa Valley Youth Apprenticeship

Chippewa Valley Youth Apprenticeship receives the CCEDC 2019 Economic Development Partnership Award!

What is the

Youth Apprenticeship Program?

Youth Apprenticeship (YA) integrates school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and occupational skills defined by Wisconsin industries. Local programs provide training based on statewide youth apprenticeship curriculum guidelines, endorsed by business and industry. Students are instructed by qualified teachers and skilled worksite mentors. Students are simultaneously enrolled in academic classes to meet high school graduation requirements, in a youth apprenticeship related instruction class, and are employed by a participating employer under the supervision of a skilled mentor.

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COVID-19 Youth Apprenticeship Program Update for 2020-2021

To provide flexibility for stakeholders, to reduce the burden on YA consortia, and to provide options for students to complete their 2020-2021 YA program, the Department of Workforce Development has extended the completion deadlines for the 2020-2021 completers.

Students will have until October 31, 2021 to complete their program. Regional YA Coordinators will also have until October 31, 2021 to complete end of year completion documentation.

Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District student Brihan Dressel shares her thoughts and experiences about being a Youth Apprenticeship student in the Marketing Pathway at Home Oasis Pools & Spas in Chippewa Falls.

Osseo-Farichild School District student Madi Hageness shares her thoughts and experiences about being a Youth Apprenticeship student in the Finance Pathway at CCF Bank in Osseo.

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YA Coordinators

How Do Youth Apprenticeships Work?

Youth Apprentices work a minimum of 450 hours at their YA worksite each year of their program and take two related high school or college classes to enhance their worksite experiences. The school provides a teacher mentor that meets with the employer three times during the year to assist with skill development. At the end of the program the employer completes a checklist for the student, marking off competencies within the program area.

Benefits of Youth Apprenticeship

For Students:

  • Get a jump start on your career
  • Earn a paycheck while learning from skilled professionals
  • Experience first-hand connections between high school education and real life work
  • ​​Increase career awareness and improve future employability
  • Receive a state-issued skills certificate which is recognized by employers
  • Develop the necessary skills needed for successful entry-level employment
  • Earn up to three (3) college credits at participating technical colleges

Click on the college below to learn more about the Transcripted Credits for completing a YouthApprenticeship!

For Employers:

  • Shape the quality of your future workforce
  • ​​Access a pipeline of skilled employees
  • Recruit potential employees
  • Build greater employee loyalty and lower turnover
  • Create positive PR by helping youth with employment and education
  • Develop partnerships with local high schools

For Schools:

  • ​​Each student that completes the checklist allows the school to qualify for the Career and Technical Incentive Grant, up to an additional $1000, upon graduation
  • Build relationships with businesses and industries that support your school financially
  • Build Advisory Boards that help curriculum steering committees determine needs assessment for the school

Program Areas and Pathways (Checklists)

Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship to Registered Apprentice Bridge: Building a Talent Pipeline